In just four to twelve months (depending on the number of credit hours your state requires), you could have a career earning $60-$110 per hour, and working your own hours and being your own boss.  Begin your own career today in the uncrowded field of Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal!  Also if your husband or wife is currently serving in the military, or part of the United States armed forces branch divisions, or currently participating in title 10,  you may qualify for tuition funding in one of our many programs that is on this web site.  Our class scheduling for your certifications/licenses are for those who are on the move and we change our  schedule to meet yours because we feel it is better to focus on quality rather than quantity.  Plus we know how the real world can be.  We use virtual black board platforms for communication and online assignments, but the required hours that the state you will be practicing in must be completed here at our school and state of the art skin care clinic.  If you think you are interested in pursuing a career in any of the disciplines we teach and believe you may qualify for this program please call 18003429647 or go to, find our school (it is on their list), fill out their online application, that will reveal if you qualify for the program, then you can email us at or you can send us a message straight from this web page.  We have had the school in operation for 16 years and we are credited by the Ohio Medical Board for developing the first standardized laser hair removal curriculum in the nation with sub domain category indicators implemented in a hands-on application forms through core content ( something no other school has ever done).  We are also on the board for the Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education (and are accredited), North Carolina Medical Board, Kansas Medical Board, and the Ohio Medical Board.  Take the step now and check the MYCAA website to see if you qualify (our school and prices is now on their web page), then please feel free to contact us, you can also call at 8598060247.  Thank you very much and it is an honor to serve those who serve us and keep us and our families safe.  Which is why we are also VA assisted as well! We believe in giving back to society and others for the good of not only our community, but our nation! Don’t forget our clinic web address is and thank you!  Below is the link to check your state’s requirements for electrology.  Be sure you check these laws before applying to our program and thank you.  We have just put together a 20 laser medical laser hair removal class you can take online!  Click on the link below to take this awesome online laser class our Professor worked extremely hard to provide, and get your start in this awesome unlimited income earning field today!  Thank you again for allowing us 29 years to educate others.

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